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beve! party inspiration and happenings

Fireplace Renovation

Lauren Boggs Meslar

Fireplace Renovation

While I do a lot of designing for beve with product development and marketing, it's not my only creative outlet. One of my favorite things to do it to renovate. We've done lots of projects, big and small, around our house and this is one of the most recent. As it's getting chilly, I thought it was a good time to share!

Our home has a corner propane "buck stove" in the living room in addition to electric base board heating throughout. When we moved in, the brick area surrounding it was a multi-colored red brick. This was painted pretty early on when we were smoothing out our walls. The not-so-pretty, decorative wood surround remained, however. As did the flashy "gold" accents on the stove itself.

beve! design renovation project fireplace

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Why We Love Hemp

Lauren Boggs Meslar

We are very excited to launch a brand new product for beve, hemp gift cord! You may know that I majored in Fashion Design in college, but you might not know that I especially loved my textile and textile design courses. You can see my (awesome) teacher's work here. Before my initial Textiles course, I had only used hemp for making friendship bracelets. I had never seen it used for clothing and was unaware of its environmental properties. When I finished with the the course, I was quite smitten with the amazing fiber.

Hemp is a natural and sustainable fiber, meaning it comes from a plant and it, "the demands placed on the environment [from its production] can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future." In providing context for hemp's environmental attributes, I often compare it to cotton as cotton is the most popular natural fiber. This comparison makes it easy to see how much difference we can make by using hemp instead.



The hemp plant has deep tap roots allowing it access groundwater for its irrigation. In a conservative statement, hemp uses half as much water as cotton, though can be grown with even less. Cotton requires over 5,000 gallons of water to produce enough fiber to make one t-shirt and one pair of jeans. An additional benefit of not requiring extensive irrigation is that hemp can be grown in a wider range of regions more easily.

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Independence Day Inspiration

Lauren Boggs Meslar

Here at beve, we like to make events extra special by adding in some memorable details. We did this last year at our family's Fourth of July party. Take a peek at the simple, fun projects we did that really bring some American pride to an Independence Day event!

 Washi Tape Flags on Fun Paper Straws

These, simple, festive decorations only took a few minutes! Using some of our red and blue patterns, our thin red stripe washi tape and a variety of blue washi tape and a sharp pair of scissors, we were able to make miniature flags on the paper straws.


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How to Adorn a Present: Bows and Poufs!

Lauren Boggs Meslar

beve gift wrap sheets happy pink merry greenYou may have noticed that here at beve, we're big fans of fabric and textiles. It's no surprise then that one of my favorite ways to finish off a wrapped gift is to use yarn. Some great things about yarn are that it doesn't flip over like store bought ribbon and it can be reused more easily. Personally, it's something that's convenient too as I always have yarn hanging around my house. I'm going to share two pretty ways to adorn a wrapped present with yarn.


how to tie a bow on a present how to tie a bow on a present

First, tie your yarn, ribbon or twine around your gift. Knot it at center or wherever you'd like it to hit. Second, make two loops with your yarn, as shown.

how to tie a bow on a present 

Third, tie these two loops in a basic over/under knot (like at the base of your shoe laces) and pull tight. Finally, make sure your loops are evenly sized and pull the loops to the top of your bow and the strands to the bottom. This "bunny ear" method allows for the loops and strands to be positioned more easily than a traditional tie allows, so the loops stay at the top instead of having a loop, strand, loop, strand orientation. This bow is great for a simple bow that hangs nicely, whether on a present or the back of a dress.



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How To Wrap A Present

Lauren Boggs Meslar

Do you love the look of gorgeously wrapped gifts, but struggle to make yours as lovely? I have a few tips I can share on how to polish your wrapping skills.

beve gift wrap sheets happy pink red plaid

I am a big fan of wrapping presents. My mom has this huge, glossy black military "suitcase" that holds all of her wrapping paper and accoutrements and I always loved pulling it out for Christmastime to wrap presents. I don't recall being taught how to wrap presents, but I'm sure my mom is to thank for my wrapping skills. With the holiday season around the corner as well as some big news from beve, I wanted to share some tips on how to wrap a present prettily and efficiently.

How to quickly and easily gauge how much paper you'll need:

LONG SIDE: Referencing the photo below, cut paper a bit longer than two times the gift's girth (the length AND width of the gift). A simple way to do this is to line up the gift/box at the edge of the wrap, then flip the gift over while keeping a corner on the gift wrap, flip again and again and again (ex. long side, short side, long side, short side). Be sure to add an inch or two to this measurement to allow for ideal alignment of pattern, if applicable, and folding over raw edges.

SHORT SIDE: To get the appropriate paper width, cut the gift wrap wide enough to accommodate the width of the gift and an extra inch or so if you'd like to have the flap wrap to the back of the gift. Otherwise, you can leave off the extra amount and have the seam on the edge; be sure the amount left is at least three quarters of the gift's width. I prefer wrapping to the back if it’s a thin gift like this example.

And how to wrap a gift beautifully...

How to wrap a gift beveHow to wrap a gift beveHow to wrap a gift beve

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