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beve Rainbow Dot Writing Set and Washi TapePronounced 'bev-ay,' beve means he, she or it drinks in Italian. It's also the root of the word beverage, which is appropriate considering we launched with a single product: paper straws.
beve provides pretty and practical details for your life. You'll find plenty of fun color combinations and fabric-inspired patterns and much more at beve. We always strive to bring an environmental benefit to our  products, whether they're biodegradable, reusable, or made in the USA. Don't be surprised if your order arrives in a repurposed box - we do this whenever we can!

beve officially began in the spring of 2012 with four paper straw designs and a (very) small personal investment. beve now has 200 products and is sold at over 100 shops across the United States and the world. We love being at small, brick and mortar shops that help support families and communities! 

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Lauren Boggs Meslar is the owner and designer at beve. She's also extending her design skills to licensing with beve studio.

Lauren grew up sewing, crafting and creating; took a wide range of creative courses, and pursued historic costume and textile design while attending Virginia Commonwealth University for Fashion Design. Lauren works in a variety of mediums such as Illustrator (often from sketches), watercolor, pen, and Procreate. 

Lauren lives in Virginia in a house her grandfather built in the same county she was born and raised in. When she isn't working, she can be found chasing after her two young kids, volunteering with Moms Demand Action, reading, and crafting. 


"You are so wonderful! You always go out of your way to get my last minute orders to me! Your products are always favorites in my shop!" - Tori of Southern Niceties

"Your straws passed the soggy test!" - Jessica of Paper Sky

"Fantastic customer service and fast shipping! :) " - Susan on Etsy

"I really appreciate the personal touch your company has. No one else has been as welcoming or had the follow up that you have. Definitely makes me want to do business with you!" - Eryn of The Small Luxuries