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Gender Reveal Party Straws, Bags and Banner


Pronounced 'bev-ay,' it means he, she or it drinks in Italian. It's also the root of the word beverage, which is appropriate considering we launched with a single product: paper straws.

beve provides pretty details for your events and every day life. You'll find plenty of fun color combinations and fabric-inspired patterns and much more at beve. We always strive to bring an environmental benefit to our products, whether they're biodegradable, reusable, or made in the USA. We think pretty things for party and for life should help keep the world pretty too!

beve officially began in the spring of 2012 with four paper straw designs and a (very) small personal investment. Two years later, beve has 200 products and is sold at about 100 shops across the United States and the world. We love being at small, brick and mortar shops that help support families and communities!



beve is owned and operated by Lauren Boggs Meslar, a young designer. All beve-original designs are designed by her. She went to school for Fashion Design, something that is evident in many of her textile and stitch-inspired designs. She loves creating aesthetically pleasing, functional products.Lauren first saw paper drinking straws in early 2011 and fell in love. After scouring the web, she decided that there just were not enough design options. Therefore, she set out to change that by creating new, never-before-seen paper straw designs as well as carrying some classic designs. After much success, beve began offering even more designer party products, such as washi tape, party bags and balloons to help provide that final, fun touch to events. Lauren enjoys all aspects of running her business, something she feels very lucky about. The most rewarding part of beve is that it allows her to be with her young daughter and provide her with a strong, female role model.

Lauren's husband, Chris, is also a huge part of beve. He ships packages Monday-Friday, pitches in with customer service and prepping our wholesale orders and, as he once said in his best Arnold voice, "I am the consolidator. I'll repack." We can't wait to bring him on board full-time!



"You are so wonderful! You always go out of your way to get my last minute orders to me! Your products are always favorites in my shop!" - Tori of Southern Niceties

"Your straws passed the soggy test!" - Jessica of Paper Sky

"Fantastic customer service and fast shipping! :) " - Susan on Etsy

"I really appreciate the personal touch your company has. No one else has been as welcoming or had the follow up that you have. Definitely makes me want to do business with you!" - Eryn of The Small Luxuries