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Independence Day Inspiration

Lauren Boggs Meslar

Here at beve, we like to make events extra special by adding in some memorable details. We did this last year at our family's Fourth of July party. Take a peek at the simple, fun projects we did that really bring some American pride to an Independence Day event!

 Washi Tape Flags on Fun Paper Straws

These, simple, festive decorations only took a few minutes! Using some of our red and blue patterns, our thin red stripe washi tape and a variety of blue washi tape and a sharp pair of scissors, we were able to make miniature flags on the paper straws.

We also did a larger variety (slightly overlapping two lengths of our thin red stripe washi tape and not having to cut our blue washis in half). You can also see how we made the vintage blue mason jar more festive by adding a few bands of our red/blue airmail washi tape.

Here, the large flag straws are in cute, daisy-top mason jars. You can also see how we used our red diagonal stripe treat bags as a flag base and used our blue grid, blue glitter and other blue washi tapes to create the 'star' portion of the flag. Fun, right? (I always find it helpful to cut one piece and then use that as a guide for cutting the rest the same length. And putting them down cut side at the inside of the flag allows for trimming the rest of the washi at the back end.. much easier to do!)

 Just like the vintage blue jars, the drink dispenser was transformed into Independence mode by a few strands of washi tape - our blue eye ikat, navy blue herringbone, thin red stripe and navy blue anchor tapes in particular.

You can also mix in some plain straw 'pennants' in the color scheme if you're having a large event to give the feel of the American flag without having to make flags for each and every straw.

As you can see, the straws are quite cute. As is Lennox at about 11 months old, enjoying her first (rosemary) lemonade.

While we think it is fun to add in some extra details to make events even more fun and memorable, we are strong advocates of not worrying about getting everything "Pinterest perfect." Moments like the one above are what make days truly perfect!

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