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Washi Tape Wreath

Lauren Boggs Meslar

Looking for a quick and easy craft project this holiday season? This washi tape wreath is a fun and easy diy project that little ones can help with, too! All you need is:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • washi tape
  • packaging tape, double sided foam adhesive or similar

washi tape wreath

For wreath:

  • cut a donut shape out of a piece of scrap cardboard
      • An easy way to get two perfect circles is to take a string (at least as long as the radius you desire for the wreath), tie an end to a pencil and hold the other end at the center of your cardboard. Keeping the end down tight, draw a circle with the pen. Do this for the outer and inner circle, creating the desired size of your wreath. The one I created is 16" in diameter and 5" wide.
      • use your choice of washi tapes to cover cardboard cut out. I had these strips emanating from the center, but they could be more haphazardly placed (by children, perhaps?) and still create a fun, festive look.
      • Securely press edges down on the back side of the wreath. I knew I wanted to re-use our wreath for multiple years, so I went ahead and used packaging tape on the edges. As we know, washi tape is removable, which makes it very forgiving for crafting projects, but it does sometimes make it tough to keep edges down when the tape is wrapping around corners.

      For bow:

      •  sketch bow on cardboard
        • Making two cross-cutting horizontal lines works to get the bow's sides even. Then create your vertical lines the same distance away from the intersection. Then, draw a rectangle centered over the intersection for the bow's "knot." Full disclosure: I just sketched mine.
      • cut out bow from cardboard
      • wrap cardboard bow shape in your desired washi tape
        • I criss-crossed my washi tape over the center to cover the cardboard and then covered the edges more carefully. Note the notches I created to achieve smooth edging around the knot's angles.
      • attach bow to wreath at your desired location with rolled packaging tape, double sided tape, rolled duct tape, foam adhesive or glue

      And now you're ready to display your washi tape wreath! This simple project doesn't take long or any fancy materials. It's something kids can help out with and it's a great decoration to have on hand whenever buying or making that fancy evergreen wreath just didn't happen. Store this wreath flat and it'll be ready to pop on your door whenever it's needed. Have fun!!

      washi tape wreath for door

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