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beve's Vintage Camper Studio: Demolition Part I

Lauren Boggs Meslar

beve studio vintage camper renovation

Alrighty! We've made some significant progress on our vintage camper studio project. I had originally been saying "demolition," but after getting in there and working, I think it's more accurate to call it a "deconstruction." The reason is I'm trying to keep the linoleum floor and the walls as intact as possible so that I don't have to do replace them. I'm hoping to put new flooring right over top of the existing linoleum and to simply paint over the walls and ceiling.. and *hopefully* wallpaper my desk area.

You can see how the studio are is looking without the dinette set in there:

beve studio vintage camper demolition

 I also did a big load of Goodwill donations of all the appliances and items that conveyed with the camper. They would have been handy if we were camping in it, but, alas, they were of no use to me. Hopefully they'll find good new homes :)

At this point, I hadn't gotten the upper beds (over the dinette and over the twin beds) out.. they're pretty heavy and have the lights on the bottom. I'd essentially gotten everything that didn't have gas, water pipes, or electricity going through it.

beve studio vintage camper demolition

beve studio vintage camper demolition deconstruction

beve studio vintage camper demolitionOur drill battery charger was also misbehaving, so I took out like 50-75 screws manually. That was fun! Timing demo/decon has been tricky with the kids (21m and 5.5y) as I haven't been able to have Chris (my husband) help me much since he's watching the kids while I'm working on it. Currently, it's at the end of our .2 mile driveway - so it's a bit of a trek. And as luck would have it, our wifi baby monitor is not working right now (my son hit the reset button and it's been out of commission since!), so I can't even zip down there to get a bit done while he's napping. I'm looking forward to making more progress and getting it up to our house so we can start putting it back together! 

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