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beve studio vintage camper renovation: The Rebuild Part III - Nearly There!

Lauren Boggs Meslar

selfie stapling in camper screens at windows

It's a very light blue-green. And now that the walls are painted, all sorts of things can happen! Here, I got the screens stapled in (so I could open the windows and let the breeze in!). You can see that I also was getting the floor insulation laid out.

Chop, chop! Time to slice up the trim for the windows!

slicing window trim at 45 degree angles

Spray, spray! What an easy upgrade! I also sprayed the bases of the light fixtures and the AC cover.

And, voila! This is pretty representative of the wall color, too. Just a hint!

completed window trim and screen

And now to the floors! Side note: most photos show daytime camper work, but there was definitely some night work as well! I went with an interlocking peel and stick vinyl wood-look floor. This is very thin, so I didn't lose any height, but it also interlocks to create a waterproof barrier. Seemed like a good fit, wasn't inexpensive but not crazy either, and gave the camper a lovely studio feel :)

beginning of floor installation, honey wood look vinyl

My helpers :) Note how clean it looks in there... well...

dad, daughter, son in camper during renovation

That's just because everything was squished on the other side! Once I had some of the flooring in, I had to move everything else out onto the finished floor. Still - progress! We're in to late summer 2020 at this point.

messy camper during floor installation

Ah, nice! Getting closer! The slice and snap of these "boards" is so satisfying!

completed vinyl flooring installation in camper

We've got some trim for the wheel well boxes, mini baseboard, and 90 degree edging for the front window that sits in from the wall. I'll admit here that the edging at the front window and the hinges on the long wheel well (that requires access to the power cable, so the top needs to be able to flip up) did not get finished until the summer of 2023! One of those reasons I didn't post my completed photos -- because it wasn't completed!

white painted trim for camper

And we're to the reallllllly fun part! Floral vinyl decals!!

floral vinyl wall decal placement

 I got all fancy and made a video, too. Just added sound in... 2024!

I was very happy with how the decals turned out! Much less expensive than doing wallpaper as I'd originally thought. I will say that with the temperature variances in the camper, they do sometimes partially peel off. I stick them back up and burnish them a bit and they stay put for a while. I probably need to add some tacky spray to a few of them..... someday!

light airy floral vinyl decal final photo

So, that's just about done with the big things - but I'll do one more post to wrap everything up as the camper's adventures did not end with the summer of 2020.

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