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Project: Washi Tape Clothespin Photo Display

Lauren Boggs Meslar

washi tape clothes pin photo wall


I came up with this first birthday activity after doing a little searching on Pinterest. I came across this party decoration photo wall and thought it was very sweet. When I searched for first birthday activities, one that resonated was creating a time capsule of sweet notes that would be opened on a child's 18th birthday. While I don't have space to keep a time capsule around for 17 years without being able to enjoy it, I thought I could tweak it. Photos of Lennox's first year were displayed and guests were asked to write a little birthday note on the back of the photos. After the party, I put them in a special photo album so we could look through them throughout the years. 

Washi Tape
Command Hooks

I chose about forty adorable photos of Lennox from the past year and ordered them when a 101 Free Print offer came around on Shutterfly. I tried to include a variety of photos, especially some that included folks who would be attending her party.
I purchased a set of forty clothespins and then used various washi tapes on hand (you can imagine that I have quite a collection!) that fit the pink/red/green color scheme of the party. I had a mix of maybe twelve designs, but you could certainly get this same effect with a smaller number.

clothes pin washi tape diy project
I "measured" the tape length necessary to cover a clothespin and then used that as a guide for the other pieces of tape.

Washi clothes pin instructions

Don't you just love how you can stick and re-stick washi tape?

washi taped clothespins
I then applied the tapes to the clothespins. I found it simplest to line the edge of the tape up with the side of the pin that the spring sticks out of and then have the excess tape fold down the edge without the spring. If you want to, you can cut down the tape, but I didn't think this fold over was obtrusive or sloppy looking.

washi clothes pin photo wall
I must admit, I couldn't help coordinating the clothespins with the photo content a bit :)

washi clothes pin photo wall
As the porch is covered and the weather was clear, I hung up the photos the evening before the party - one less thing to do on the day of! I used little Command hooks and tied green and coral yarn between them to hang from.

Washi tape decorated clothes pins on photo wall first birthday activity
Tip: I tied one end loosely and then put the photos on, adjusting the yarn length as needed to get the desired dip.
I did create a little set of directions that got pinned on too, but unless you have a large crowd and don't think you'll be able to explain to everyone, I feel like this step was unnecessary.
Last thing to do? Hang up a few color coordinated Sharpies (or whatever pens you have that will write on the backs of photos) by their cap and spread the word to guests.

Washi tape decorated clothes pins on photo wall birthday decor
Everyone thought it was a fun activity and enjoyed cooing over the photographs.

Here are a few notes written by Lennox's "big" cousins in elementary school:

first birthday decoration photo book  photo wall activity diy project

Estimated Time:
Photo selection, 1 hour
Clothespins, 30 minutes
Set up, 10 minutes

The hardest thing about this project: selecting only 40 photos!

This party idea could easily be translated into an anniversary party activity or bridal shower too. Like this sweet and easy party idea? See the whole party on our earlier post and follow us for more How To's and party inspiration!

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