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beve! party inspiration and happenings 11 Articles

Fireplace Renovation

While I do a lot of designing for beve with product development and marketing, it's not my only creative outlet. One of my favorite things to do it to renovate. We've done lots of projects, big and small, around our house and this is one of the most recent. As it's getting chilly, I thought it was a good time to share!

Our home has a corner propane "buck stove" in the living room in addition to electric base board heating throughout. When we moved in, the brick area surrounding it was a multi-colored red brick. This was painted pretty early on when we were smoothing out our walls. The not-so-pretty, decorative wood surround remained, however. As did the flashy "gold" accents on the stove itself.

beve! design renovation project fireplace

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Why We Love Hemp

We are very excited to launch a brand new product for beve, hemp gift cord! You may know that I majored in Fashion Design in college, but you might not know that I especially loved my textile and textile design courses. You can see my (awesome) teacher's work here. Before my initial Textiles course, I had only used hemp for making friendship bracelets. I had never seen it used for clothing and was unaware of its environmental properties. When I finished with the the course, I was quite smitten with the amazing fiber.

Hemp is a natural and sustainable fiber, meaning it comes from a plant and it, "the demands placed on the environment [from its production] can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future." In providing context for hemp's environmental attributes, I often compare it to cotton as cotton is the most popular natural fiber. This comparison makes it easy to see how much difference we can make by using hemp instead.



The hemp plant has deep tap roots allowing it access groundwater for its irrigation. In a conservative statement, hemp uses half as much water as cotton, though can be grown with even less. Cotton requires over 5,000 gallons of water to produce enough fiber to make one t-shirt and one pair of jeans. An additional benefit of not requiring extensive irrigation is that hemp can be grown in a wider range of regions more easily.

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Independence Day Inspiration

Here at beve, we like to make events extra special by adding in some memorable details. We did this last year at our family's Fourth of July party. Take a peek at the simple, fun projects we did that really bring some American pride to an Independence Day event!

 Washi Tape Flags on Fun Paper Straws

These, simple, festive decorations only took a few minutes! Using some of our red and blue patterns, our thin red stripe washi tape and a variety of blue washi tape and a sharp pair of scissors, we were able to make miniature flags on the paper straws.


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How to Adorn a Present: Bows and Poufs!

beve gift wrap sheets happy pink merry greenYou may have noticed that here at beve, we're big fans of fabric and textiles. It's no surprise then that one of my favorite ways to finish off a wrapped gift is to use yarn. Some great things about yarn are that it doesn't flip over like store bought ribbon and it can be reused more easily. Personally, it's something that's convenient too as I always have yarn hanging around my house. I'm going to share two pretty ways to adorn a wrapped present with yarn.


how to tie a bow on a present how to tie a bow on a present

First, tie your yarn, ribbon or twine around your gift. Knot it at center or wherever you'd like it to hit. Second, make two loops with your yarn, as shown.

how to tie a bow on a present 

Third, tie these two loops in a basic over/under knot (like at the base of your shoe laces) and pull tight. Finally, make sure your loops are evenly sized and pull the loops to the top of your bow and the strands to the bottom. This "bunny ear" method allows for the loops and strands to be positioned more easily than a traditional tie allows, so the loops stay at the top instead of having a loop, strand, loop, strand orientation. This bow is great for a simple bow that hangs nicely, whether on a present or the back of a dress.



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How To Wrap A Present

Do you love the look of gorgeously wrapped gifts, but struggle to make yours as lovely? I have a few tips I can share on how to polish your wrapping skills.

beve gift wrap sheets happy pink red plaid

I am a big fan of wrapping presents. My mom has this huge, glossy black military "suitcase" that holds all of her wrapping paper and accoutrements and I always loved pulling it out for Christmastime to wrap presents. I don't recall being taught how to wrap presents, but I'm sure my mom is to thank for my wrapping skills. With the holiday season around the corner as well as some big news from beve, I wanted to share some tips on how to wrap a present prettily and efficiently.

How to quickly and easily gauge how much paper you'll need:

LONG SIDE: Referencing the photo below, cut paper a bit longer than two times the gift's girth (the length AND width of the gift). A simple way to do this is to line up the gift/box at the edge of the wrap, then flip the gift over while keeping a corner on the gift wrap, flip again and again and again (ex. long side, short side, long side, short side). Be sure to add an inch or two to this measurement to allow for ideal alignment of pattern, if applicable, and folding over raw edges.

SHORT SIDE: To get the appropriate paper width, cut the gift wrap wide enough to accommodate the width of the gift and an extra inch or so if you'd like to have the flap wrap to the back of the gift. Otherwise, you can leave off the extra amount and have the seam on the edge; be sure the amount left is at least three quarters of the gift's width. I prefer wrapping to the back if it’s a thin gift like this example.

And how to wrap a gift beautifully...

How to wrap a gift beveHow to wrap a gift beveHow to wrap a gift beve

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A Baby Shower in Pink, Orange and Yellow!

Last summer, I was thrown a lovely baby shower by my sister with help from family. The theme was more color-based with a pink grapefruit feel and lots of fun beve details including our printed and jumbo balloons. All were hung without using helium which is a great conservation of resources! Above, you see our argyle, chevron and confetti dot prints and jumbo balloons. The printed balloons are 12" balloons, but as you can see, they can be inflated to be larger.

Pink and orange is one of my favorite color combinations and I love how adding in the golden yellow on our chevron straws softens the combination some while keeping it fun and punchy. This golden yellow can be seen in our balloons too - a golden yellow is a favorite stand alone color for me.. I have two awesome yellow coats to attest to this! Missing washi tape flags and decoration? My shower occurred before beve started having our washi tape made.

 Here, my cousin had the great idea of using disposable table cloths to act as fabric to flow into the balloon bouquet to create the focal point in the room above the chair I opened gifts in. Bits of the table clothes were also used to create little pouf decorations on the chairs (which you can see a bit of below in the cake photo).

 A cousin took the left over paper straws and made fun marshmallow pops with them. So fun! Also, she filled the containers with sugar to utilize a simple, theme-appropriate and reusable base for the pops. What a great idea!

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Project: Washi Tape Clothespin Photo Display


I came up with this first birthday activity after doing a little searching on Pinterest. I came across this party decoration photo wall and thought it was very sweet. When I searched for first birthday activities, one that resonated was creating a time capsule of sweet notes that would be opened on a child's 18th birthday. While I don't have space to keep a time capsule around for 17 years without being able to enjoy it, I thought I could tweak it. Photos of Lennox's first year were displayed and guests were asked to write a little birthday note on the back of the photos. After the party, I put them in a special photo album so we could look through them throughout the years. 

Washi Tape
Command Hooks

I chose about forty adorable photos of Lennox from the past year and ordered them when a 101 Free Print offer came around on Shutterfly. I tried to include a variety of photos, especially some that included folks who would be attending her party.
I purchased a set of forty clothespins and then used various washi tapes on hand (you can imagine that I have quite a collection!) that fit the pink/red/green color scheme of the party. I had a mix of maybe twelve designs, but you could certainly get this same effect with a smaller number.

I "measured" the tape length necessary to cover a clothespin and then used that as a guide for the other pieces of tape.

Don't you just love how you can stick and re-stick washi tape?

I then applied the tapes to the clothespins. I found it simplest to line the edge of the tape up with the side of the pin that the spring sticks out of and then have the excess tape fold down the edge without the spring. If you want to, you can cut down the tape, but I didn't think this fold over was obtrusive or sloppy looking...


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Lennox's First Birthday Party

baby eats her ombre pink strawberry birthday cake from washi tape decorated tray

Our little girl celebrated her first birthday this month and we had a sweet little gathering for her. I resisted my urge to do pink, orange and yellow (like her baby shower and nursery) and went for a simple, country feel with a bit of strawberry and watermelon inspiration. My sweet in laws were gracious enough to let us have it on their awesome 40x10 front porch, a perfect setting. (Looking for a lovely, historic home in Virginia? Theirs is for sale! Take a peek and score this sweet entertaining spot for yourself.)

We lucked out and had an absolutely GORGEOUS day - August days in Virginia are rarely this lovely. What a great present! I'll have a few posts on creating the party later and will just focus on the day of here.

Pink, red and green confetti dot invitations Oh what fun baby is one!

A fun confetti of pink and green party colors for Lennox's first birthday invitation. You may note that the "1" was pulled from the candle we used for Lennox's cake (see below). Next year I'll have to get invitations out earlier - August is a busy month for birthdays and some cousins had two other parties that day!

Washi tape decorated clothes pins on photo wall first birthday activity

We kept things pretty simple and sweet. I combined a few Pinterest ideas to create a display of photos from the past year, all washi-clothespinned on to pink and green yarn. Friends and family were asked to select their favorite photo and write a message to Lennox on the back of it. I have a special album for these and am contemplating making this an annual activity. The notes written by Lennox's "big" cousins were particularly sweet!

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National Stationery Show - Part III - Logistics & Lessons

All right, now for the nitty gritty of our 2014 National Stationery Show/Signature Mix Marketplace debut! See what we used for our booth, what our costs were, how we kept costs down and some lessons we learned.



  • A 60 SF pipe & drape booth: $1782
  • 500W Electricity: $175
  • Flame Retardant Fabric for walls (new for 2014: Had to be purchased as FR, not just sprayed): $242
  • Grommets: $40
  • Paint, one quart:  $14
  • Five 150W Halogen Lights & Clamps (we bought adapter clamps someone suggested.. and then they didn't fit - we improvised!): $150
  • Multiple surge protectors and extension cords: $42
  • 64 SF beve blue foam tile floors (this cut it close. We used every tile!): $86



  DISPLAYS:  ~$75
  • Foam Board, ten 20x30 boards
  • Velcro - lots!!
  • Butcher Paper: on hand
  • White Duct Tape: on hand
  • Almost all goodies on the boards are beve products!
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National Stationery Show 2014 - Part II - The Show!

beve booth #1468 at the 2014 National Stationery Show

We're back and we're talking about beve's debut experience at the 2014 National Stationery Show. We were part of NSS, but exhibited in the new #fresh section of the show and were affiliated with Etsy Wholesale's NSS presence. For our pre-show preparations, check out our first blog post (ever!).

After driving into the New Jersey area at about 2 AM to stay with our family friends, we took the drive to Javits mid-morning on Saturday, hoping to finish setting up by early evening. As children under 14 aren't allowed during set up (or take down, which isn't as publicized), Lennox was babysat by our family friends while Grandba helped us set up. It was great having two other people to help set up. I handled the more delicate and detailed items while my husband, Chris, and his father assembled furniture and the lights, etc. I also dropped off our press kits and Best New Product competition displays. Set up surprises? Even though I'd called to verify the height limit, the car garage wouldn't let us in with the cargo carrier on top. We had to pay extra for a VIP spot (but our coupon helped cancel out the extra cost). A more pleasant surprise: Javits provides big, flat bed dollies (and pushers) for folks dropping off their own items (vs. shipping)! I was terrified we were going to get a $200 bill or something after they took our booth number down, but it was free! Go Chris for having the initiative to ask the folks at the door about it!

Here's what our booth looked like when we first started setting up

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National Stationery Show 2014 - Part I: Preparations

beve press kits beve NSS inspiration boards beve nss booth walls

Hi All! This is beve's first blog post and we wanted to write about our first trade show experience: the 2014 National Stationery Show. Yes, it's a little late, but we just got our brand new site and blog space up, so it is what it is. I hope this will be helpful for any first time exhibitors looking for some information about the show.

I first heard about trade shows from the super sweet Maryellen Kim of Handmade Happiness Boutique in Chester, Virginia in October of 2012. She suggested checking into NSS and in May of 2013, six months pregnant, I headed up to walk the show. I'm so glad I had this experience to pull from in preparation for exhibiting in 2014. The National Stationery Show has such a different vibe and look from so many industry shows, so this really helped me know how we had to present ourselves: design-forward, friendly and professional. Now, that's our kind of show! 

Pregnant Me at NSS 2013 Pregnant me at NSS 2013!

We heard about the brand new, juried #fresh section in October of 2013, applied and.. got in! So exciting! We started out with a hardwall booth, but switched to pipe and drape after after realizing we couldn't paint or drill into the walls (this was before they had the new, customizable option available). Initially I contemplated building hard walls, but having a background in fashion design, I decided to create tailored canvas walls. Not only would this be an affordable option, it made it so I could drive my entire booth up myself from Virginia. And by 'myself,' I mean with my awesome husband who took vacation time from his full-time job to come and work the show, my sweet father-in-law who embarked on his retirement by coming with us to babysit our (then) nine month old daughter, Lennox, whose first out of state experience was heading up to NSS, and me, beve owner and designer, Lauren Boggs Meslar. Yep, four people and a 60SF booth in one Subaru Outback. We rocked it!

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